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Studio A Documentary release ABC iView

In Studio A, six Sydney-based neurodiverse artists tackle important creative and professional milestones while challenging expectations of people with intellectual disabilities.

Meet incredible artists Greg Sindel, Emily Crockford, Daniel Kim, Meagan Pelham, Lisa Scott and Thom Roberts on ABC iview from 22 JUNE 2019.

"Sometimes if people enjoy your stories and they say how much they love you and your talents then your self doubts have gone away. Sometimes fear is a great motivator." - Artist Greg Sindel, Studio A

Studio A was commissioned for Art Bites, a joint initiative from ABC iview and Screen Australia and supported by Create NSW.

CEO & Artistic Director of Studio A, Gabrielle Mordy said "One of the greatest challenges for Studio A artists forging professional careers is the common assumption that a person with intellectual disability cannot make great art. The Studio A Art Bites series boldly and importantly captures Studio A artists professional achievements and high artistic outcomes. The series plays a vital role in transforming limiting stereotypes and painting new progressive perceptions for and about artists with disability."