Weaving by Damian Showyin and Adam Mandarano


1) Three examples of woven patterns by Damian Showyin
2) Two examples of handwoven scarves by Adam Mandarano
3) Soft sculptures by Damian Showyin, created from his handwoven woollen fabric

Skye Saxon in The Snowflake Shaman's Winter Wonderland for Cementa Festival 2017

In her Cementa Festival installation and performance, The Snowflake Shaman’s Winter Wonderland, Skye Saxon performed as a Snowflake Shaman offering guests the opportunity to transform their stress into snow within her winterland tipi structure, developed and constructed  by collaborating artist, Aesha Henderson.

Aesha and Skye also worked together to re-construct the tipi in an installation in the Musuem of Contemporary Art's National Centre for Creative Learning for an event for students with disability (see third image).

Photographs by Alex Wisser.

This project was supported by the Accessible Arts’ Delineate grant as a part of the Don’t DIS my ABILITY program, who created this short video about Skye's involvement in the festival.

Examples of other Studio A Supported Installation Projects


Thom Roberts in his participatory crown-drawing performance at Cementa Festival 2017. Photography by Chi Chi Menendez.


Studio A artists worked in collaboration with guest artist, Rosie Deacon to create an installation for Underbelly Arts Festival 2015. Photography by Gabriel Clark

Studio A directed multi-sensory performance and dining experience, birdfoxmonster, a project created in collaboration with Erth Visual and Physical Inc, and Carriageworks in 2017. Video by Sam James.