Victoria Atkinson

Angel Mum, Noel Humphrey

"I painted my mum because I miss her a lot. My mum’s name was Noel Humphrey. I named the painting Angel Mum because my mum is in my heart and I imagine her in heaven looking down on me.

My mum is always in my dreams. I like to put lights on the painting because I think my mum’s spirit shines on me the way the sun does. I imagine my mum floating on the clouds in the sky.

My mum was very proud of my art, especially when I got into the Archibald in 2021."

Victoria Atkinson, 2022

Currently unavailable for purchase
Angel Mum, Noel Humphrey image #1 Angel Mum, Noel Humphrey image #1

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Support Our Cause and Donate Today

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