Humour and a passion for fantasy fuel much of Phillip Sidney’s work. Phil has been developing his practice as a performer, painter and model maker for over a decade. As part of Studio A, Phil has produced collaborative sculptures for Vivid Sydney, Beams Festival and various commercial clients & venues including Quay Restaurant. In 2015 Phillip was an exhibiting artist in Sydney’s Underbelly Arts Festival on Cockatoo Island.

Phil is an experienced graphic artist with an extensive portfolio of paintings and drawings inspired by his passion for fantasy and wild animals, especially wolves.


The artist explains;  “I have liked Wolves for a number of years; I think they have been given a raw deal over the years in fantasy, folklore and actual history. I know they are carnivores but they’re not always the bad guys! They are actually scared of humans and have never really ever been known to attack humans without major cause or valid reason to defend themselves, despite what the fairy-tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ describes”.

Phil's artwork Wolf Island rallies against the persecution, misrepresentation and out-casting of wolves.  Phillip acknowledges, “I’ve sometimes felt this way myself."