Eye-catching public art activations

Eye-catching public art activations

We have an established reputation for producing engaging and spectacular public art. We are proudly ambitious when it comes to our public commissions, activating interior and outdoor spaces with bold colours, forms and patterns designed specifically for the space. Get in touch to see how public art can enliven your site.

Engage, inspire and transform

Engage, inspire and transform

Public art has a positive impact on communities and workplace cultures. Activations could include:

  • Hand-painted or printed murals
  • Installations
  • Shop takeovers
  • Digital media displays
  • Performances

Commissions can be permanent or temporary, use various materials and be adapted to suit specific surfaces and architecture. With signature Studio A flair, our artists incorporate specific themes, colours and motifs into the artwork to represent your brand or community.

Promote inclusivity through public art

When you commission public artwork from Studio A you enable recognition and widespread visibility to artists with disability within the community. Start a conversation with our team to make your location a must-see space with vibrant, statement artwork.

"The inclusion of a meaningful and engaging Public Program led and facilitated by Studio A artists is critical as it supports both artistic and cultural exchange, nurtures innovation and, importantly, contributes to a sense of connectedness and wellbeing for both the artists, participants and the community at large."

- Allison Clark, North Sydney Council

Support our cause and donate today

Support our cause and donate today

Imagine a future where artists with disability thrive in the arts, enjoying equitable opportunities, recognition and the backing to pursue their creative careers. Our goal is to shape a society that wholeheartedly embraces and appreciates the unique artistic offerings of artists with disability.

Your contribution serves as a meaningful investment in making this future a vibrant reality.

Photography by Studio A, Cassandra Hannagan, Diana Panuccio/AGNSW, Document Photography, Studio Air.

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