Studio A Policies

Illustrated Policies by Greg Sindel

By illustrating and animating Studio A's policies, the once black and white text based document has become a colourful and engaging point of reference for the whole team and is accessible by all.

About the animation
Armed with his finely honed creative talents, Greg Sindel set about illustrating Studio A's Policies. These policies are integral to what we do at Studio A and outline the rights of our artists.

The illustrated policies importantly demonstrate how neurodivergent people can speak for themselves and communicate in unique and engaging ways.

Written, directed, designed and narrated by 
Greg Sindel

Christopher Haysom & Deborah Szapiro

Editing and Sound 
Simon von Wolkenstein

UTS YR2 Bachelor of Animation Production 2022

Special Thanks: 
Gabrielle Mordy, Yesmin Hassarati, Ari Lobos and the Studio A artists and staff

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