Empowering artists with disability

Empowering artists with disability

At Studio A, we are dedicated to professionally empower artists with disability and have their voices heard within contemporary Australian culture. For our artists, access to conventional art education and employment opportunities have previously been limited or non-existent. Studio A creates pathways to overcome these barriers, resulting in greater access to stable, fulfilling employment.

By implementing key resources, support systems, professional development and opportunities; our collective of artists build careers as professional creatives earning both accolades and meaningful income for their work. We work to overcome the underrepresentation of artists with disability working and exhibiting within the mainstream arts sector, allowing their work to be appreciated by many on local, national and international scales.

An in-demand force of skill & dedication

An in-demand force of skill & dedication

We support a creative stable of artists, each with their own uniquely developed art practice. We supplement our artists’ talents with practical support on how to create CVs and portfolios, market their work, network with industry professionals, secure grants and understand the legal rights of the work produced.

Our artists exhibit and sell their work, receive major commissions and license their intellectual property. They also win national awards, deliver major public art projects and feature in prestigious events like TEDxSydney and ABC documentaries. As in-demand artists taking part in our program, they experience improved mental health and find a sense of belonging within the community of creatives that make up Studio A.

Our vision of an inclusive art world

Our vision of an inclusive art world

We envision a future where artists with disability can fully participate in the arts, with equal opportunities, recognition and support in pursuing their artistic careers. We strive for a society that embraces and values their unique artistic contributions, fostering an inclusive cultural landscape that celebrates the creativity and talents of individuals with disability.

Our strategy for success

Our strategy for success

Our focus is ensuring Studio A can transition from an emerging arts initiative to an established arts company, firmly positioning artists with intellectual disability as vital contributors to Australian culture. This will be achieved through deepening audience engagement, expanding markets and embracing digital innovation. We aim to secure new permanent premises in central Sydney, develop an education program, enhance international relationships and share our expertise with other organisations within creative industries and beyond.

We have identified the following six strategic goals that guide our ongoing practices as an organisation.

1. Extend Access
2. Build Reliable Funding Streams
3. Grow Artist Income Streams
4. Invest in Marketing and Communication
5. Develop and Strengthen Partnerships
6. Build a Robust and Adaptable Organisation

"Studio A transforms entrenched community perceptions that limit people with intellectual disability. We do this by professionally platforming their artistic talent."

- Gabrielle Mordy, Studio A CEO/Artistic Director

Living our values

These values are ingrained in the Studio A culture and are the driving force behind all our organisational practices and initiatives. They inform our business model, guide every client interaction and underpin each and every relationship with our constituents and the wider community.



Learning & Development

Transparent & Accountable

Excellent & Innovative

Inclusive & Connected

Our policies

Armed with his finely honed creative talents, Greg Sindel set about illustrating Studio A's Policies.These policies are integral to what we do at Studio A and outline the rights of our artists.

Help us make a difference

Help us make a difference

Join us in transforming the cultural landscape into a vibrant, inclusive and understanding space. There are many ways you can support us and create meaningful impact; purchase an artwork, attend our exhibitions, donate or become a valued partner.

Any gesture, big or small, lets us continue our mission and keep artists with intellectual disability employed and empowered. Explore our creative services on offer, read our artists portfolios, or shop our online store. For expressions of interest regarding collaborations, volunteering or donations, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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Support our cause and donate today

Support our cause and donate today

Imagine a future where artists with disability thrive in the arts, enjoying equitable opportunities, recognition and the backing to pursue their creative careers. Our goal is to shape a society that wholeheartedly embraces and appreciates the unique artistic offerings of artists with disability.

Your contribution serves as a meaningful investment in making this future a vibrant reality.

Photography by Studio A, Cybele Malinowski, Diana Panuccio/AGNSW, Scott Heldorf, Adrian Shek, Studio Air.

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