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Studio A is dedicated to its mission of supporting and facilitating the practice and careers of artists with intellectual disability. For this reason, since 2020 we have employed an Impact Assessment Methodology to rigorously measure the quantitative and qualitative impact of our activities on our artists, organisation and community.

Data is collected from diverse sources to demonstrate the outcomes of the work of Studio A. Our achievements can be directly attributed to the support we receive from you, our community of donors, supporters and volunteers. It is with pleasure and pride that we share this with you.

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“If someone bought your artworks it’s because they love your artworks. You get paid from the studio. Your artwork is so beautiful. You get more moneys and stuff.”

- Catherine McGuiness, Studio A artist

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Support our cause and donate today

Support our cause and donate today

Imagine a future where artists with disability thrive in the arts, enjoying equitable opportunities, recognition and the backing to pursue their creative careers. Our goal is to shape a society that wholeheartedly embraces and appreciates the unique artistic offerings of artists with disability.

Your contribution serves as a meaningful investment in making this future a vibrant reality.

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