Greg Sindel

"We artists that attend Studio A all have one thing in common, we love to share our ideas and our art with the world."

Greg Sindel is a passionate and prolific graphic novelist with an enviable work ethic and a seemingly bottomless trove of new ideas. With his inimitable characterisations and phrasings, he puts new spins on classic archetypal stories, often setting them in Sydney suburbs.

Greg works regularly on commissions and portraits, with a deft ability to spot or conjure something unique within each sitter – be that their inner superhero or perhaps a villainous alter ego. Greg loves undertaking research, and has a formidable depth of knowledge about comic books, and cult and horror films. His works are marked by a distinctively vivid colour palette and expressive text that communicate the theatricality of his practice.

As a graphic artist and storyteller, Greg has appeared at events as part of Byron Writers Festival, TedX Sydney and Kinokuniya, and his collected works are held in the collection of The National Library of Australia. Recently, he has become known for his ability to transform plan and policy documents into entertaining and accessible graphic stories usually cast with classic literary genres. 

Beginning with an illustrated and animated version of Studio A’s own NDIS Policies (‘the knights of Studio A’), Greg has gone on to be commissioned to illustrate the National Gallery of Australia’s Disability and Inclusion Plan (an ‘anthropomorphised animal kingdom’), NAVA’s Code of Practice (‘ancient greek gods and goddesses’) and Arts Law’s Artist’s Rights Guides (‘aliens and outer space’), for which he also produced a series of animations, in collaboration with UTS, explaining Copyright, Moral Rights and contracting. 

Greg hopes his work will bring some levity and relief to audience members everywhere. He aspires to one day work on a blockbuster film. 

- Words by Dr Wilfred Brandt, portrait by Scott Heldorf

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