Leave a lasting legacy

Leave a lasting legacy

Create lasting and meaningful impact that nurtures the transformative power of art for generations to come.

With a charitable bequest to Studio A, you are investing in our future; supporting the artistic and economic aspirations of artists with disability and driving change within the Australian art landscape. As a social enterprise, your generosity is instrumental in helping us achieve our goals and ensuring our long-term success.

Why make a bequest to Studio A?

Why make a bequest to Studio A?

1. Enrich Lives Through Art:  

Your bequest to Studio A directly supports our mission to provide professional development to artists with disability, allowing them to forge fulfilling and successful careers.  A legacy contribution ensures that their voices are heard and their talents are appreciated on a widespread scale.

2. Build Long-Term Sustainability:

Bequests play an important role in securing the long-term sustainability and vitality of Studio A. When you make a bequest, you gift us the ability to expand our programs and engage broader audiences.

3. Honour Your Values:

Pledging a bequest to Studio A shows an enduring commitment to social inclusion,  diversity, and the arts.  It is an important measure that allows you to honour important values and leave a legacy that recognises the power of creativity in fostering togetherness, expression and understanding.

4. Flexible Giving Options:

We welcome and value bequests of all amounts and types. If you’d like to chat with us about possible options please get in touch. We are here to assist you and your legal advisors to find the best option to satisfy your wishes.

Join us in supporting artists’ journeys and challenging societal perceptions. Let's create a future where artistic expression is without barriers.

How to make a bequest to Studio A

1. Consult with Your Advisors:

To determine the best approach for arranging your bequest, we recommend firstly consulting with your legal and financial advisors. Their professional expertise will give you a more in-depth understanding of the different options available to then inform your course of action. If you like, we can connect you with pro-bono legal advice.

2. Include Studio A in Your Estate Plans:

When updating your will or establishing a trust, include a provision that designates a gift to Studio A. It is important to provide clear instructions with correct wording to state your intentions and specify the type and amount of the bequest.

We suggest the following:
I [insert name] bequeath to Studio A (ABN 94 130 786 006) for its general purposes [or name a specific purpose] [insert whichever below is appropriate]
    - the whole of my estate; or
    - the sum of $.... dollars; or
    - percentage of the rest and residue of my estate,
and I declare that the receipt of an authorised representative of Studio A shall be sufficient discharge to my Trustee(s).

3. Notify Studio A and your loved ones:

If you intend to make a bequest to Studio A, we would love for you to get in touch and inform us of your intentions. This gives us the opportunity to express our gratitude and further understand your wishes for the gift. We would also love to welcome you to our exclusive Legacy Circle—which recognises individuals who have generously included Studio A in their estate plans. It is also important to let your loved ones know about your intentions.

Your bequest, their artistic journey

Your bequest, their artistic journey

Everything Studio A achieves is supported by donations, and a bequest is a powerful way that you can help our organisation and artists thrive. Your bequest brings visibility to works made by our artists, which improves their self esteem and feeling of inclusion, and also challenges the social stigma associated with people with disability.

To learn more about making a bequest to Studio A or to notify us of your intention, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team.

Together we can shape a legacy that changes lives through art.

Support our cause and donate today

Support our cause and donate today

Imagine a future where artists with disability thrive in the arts, enjoying equitable opportunities, recognition and the backing to pursue their creative careers. Our goal is to shape a society that wholeheartedly embraces and appreciates the unique artistic offerings of artists with disability.

Your contribution serves as a meaningful investment in making this future a vibrant reality.

Photography by Studio A, Diana Panuccio/AGNSW, Scott Heldorf, Studio Air.

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