Adam Mandarano

Watching Adam diligently work the studio loom, passing yarn between parallel threads and conjuring a ‘whole’ out of small parts, is mesmerising. It’s as if the apparatus is a natural extension of him, as a brush to a painter. He is Studio A’s resident artisan, and his scarves, baby blankets and bags have been scooped up by keen supporters in search of cohesive, wearable works of art.

Adam has a bower bird-like methodology; he uses whatever materials he can find on hand. Though he carefully considers his patterning, every work is a testament to this attitude of resourcefulness and waste avoidance.

In 2022, Romance was Born approached Adam to create bespoke, handwoven textiles that were tailored into pieces for their Resort 23 collection for Australian Fashion Week. Seeing the two garments on the runway brought tears to Adam’s eyes. The National Gallery of Australia subsequently acquired the two pieces.

Adam is particularly fond of weaving outdoors and in public, where he likes “seeing everyone’s faces”. Adam has woven at Cut N Polish at Carriageworks, Sydney Craft Week at Casula Powerhouse and Working Dog Gallery. He is also a regular fixture at the annual Makers Market at the Australian Design Centre.

For the future, Adam plans to “keep on weaving, see friends a lot and sell my scarves”.

- Words by Will Kollmorgen, portrait by Scott Heldorf

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