Studio A support material for Australia Council grant acquittal


1. birdfoxmonster in the media

My dinner with birdfoxmonster by Katerina Sakkas for Realtime magazine, 10 October 2017 (

Immersive performance Birdfoxmonster invites audience to table at Carriageworks, by Melanie Kembrey for Spectrum Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald, 15 September 2017

birdfoxmonster by Ann Foo for ArtsHub, 22 September 2017

birdfoxmonster featured on ABC iView's The Mix, 23 September 2017

Creatures of the Night by Elissa Blake for the Carriageworks blog, 4 September 2017


2. birdfoxmonster documentation

(Photography by Zan Wimberley)

3. Invitation to VIP fundraising event

4. birdfoxmonster tableware:
A collaboration with mud Australia

A sample of three from a range of 60.

5. The artists behind birdfoxmonster:
A collaboration with photographer, Lyndal Irons

Thom Roberts


A few things are immediately distinctive when meeting Studio A artist Thom Roberts. He takes your measure in unusual ways: by touching the crown of your head – (reading something I’m not quite literate in) and assigning you a new name (just one, which will be used and remembered forever). If you are lucky he’ll associate you with a tower or a train type.

He’ll continue to be aware of your presence but will most likely go back to making art. Something he does relentlessly, with great focus and seemingly endless, enviable inspiration.

Thom’s interpretation of the world is clear, striking and it changes the way you see your own surroundings.

Images and text - Lyndal Irons.

Meagan Pelham

Meagan Pelham is so full of love it’s hard to feel anything but positive in her presence. Her ability to feel romance at every moment is brought alive in illustrations of mocktails, owls, weddings and sometimes camels. Occasionally it’s near overdose when owls appear in mocktails within hearts. Meagan’s is a dreamy existence and spending a day with her is like living in an oasis where there is no room for anything less than true love. 

“Last night I dreamed of prince charming,” she told me. “He gave me a diamond ring and a rose that opened up. I dream all the time and I like my dreams a lot.”

Images and text - Lyndal Irons

Skye Saxon

studio A artist Skye Saxon’s world is populated by shadows, intergalactic warriors and memories from past lives. 

Her character in birdfoxmonster is an ambassador for an often unpopular animal. 

“I like foxes - I like their sly nature. Skye Fox is very similar to Skye Saxon (we share similar features) but also different. She’s not technically human. Hence the name.” 

And Skye Saxon is all human? 

“More or less. Can’t say that I am all human - not in my past lives.”

In previous lives, Skye recalls being found and raised by Mana the clown and apprenticed in the art of circus skills, earning a living from performance. Some residue of some of past lives remains with her still. 

“At one stage I was learning how to juggle chainsaws. It’s not impossible but you need a good arm, a good eye, and perfectly timed rhythm.”

At first glance, Skye’s new development home in the north-west Sydney is in stark contrast to her second, mystical realm where parallel dimensions exist and almost anything is possible. But after she guided me through her suburb and its pockets of forest park lands, parallel dimensions seemed possible just about anywhere. 

Images and text - Lyndal Irons