There's a compelling visceral depth beneath the surface of Jenette Scanes' painting. Standing in front of her work, one longs to dive inside and discover what lies within. However, these paintings are determined to retain their secrets, and only whispers of a deeper language rustle and sigh across the canvas.

Jenette's work is sometimes representational, but is largely abstract. Colour swims across the surface, reminiscent of the wind; sometimes a breeze; other times a blizzard. Whatever the weather, Jenette's paintings are always enchanting, and call the viewer to step closer and gaze deeply.

 Jenette is one of Studio A’s more emerging artists. In 2016 she has begun working alongside Studio A Guest Artist, Paul Williams who is mentoring and supporting her to develop her practice and skill-base. Jenette recently collaborated with street-wear designers, Soto Smith on a line or shirts and pants that featured her paintings on digitally printed fabric.