Studio A deliver creative experiences that are about much more than just looking at art. We are passionate about the weird and wonderful, Studio A celebrate our artists’ diverse experience of the world and use creativity to invite audiences into new and refreshing encounters with the familiar. 

Thom Roberts Crown readings

Thom Roberts is fascinated with and reads peoples crowns (the spiral where your hair grows from) and draws the animals and creatures he perceives as residing in subjects’ crowns.

"Thom Roberts’ crown reading provides one compelling example of an alternative form of communication being opened up between artist and audience, one that has a very different quality to the visual expression that may or may not be enacted by an object on a wall. What makes it so compelling to me is the metaphorical potential of this act – of reaching out to another person, whether friend or stranger, and making contact, hand to head. In the end, that may be the closest any of us can get to approaching the mystery that is the consciousness of another human being."

- Thom Roberts Reads Crowns, presentation by Chloe Watfern at AAANZ conference, RMIT, Melbourne, 5 Dec 2018

Meagan Pelham Love Poem Sorceress

Fall in love with Studio A’s very own Owl Love Bride Meagan Pelham as she predicts your romantic fortune, part of her performance piece as the Love Poem Sorceress.

Greg Sindel Super Alter Ego drawings

Greg Sindel is an established graphic novelist. In collaboration with the subject Greg deciphers their inner superhero, villian or anti-hero as he literally draws out their comic alter-ego.

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