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Thom, The Architect at Brand X Greenland Centre

Thom, The Architect at Brand X Greenland Centre
Exhibitions | Thom Roberts

Start 12:00pm Monday, 17 October 2022

End 05:00pm Saturday, 31 December 2022


Greenland Centre

115 Bathurst St SYDNEY, NSW

In this art installation, Thom Roberts became the architect of his own city, a playful and vivacious metropolis where each skyscraper bursts with character.

The public exhibition was situated in the window of the new Brand X space of the Greenland Centre on Bathurst Street, Sydney. An initiative supported by the City of Sydney, Brand X is a multilevel studio providing spaces available for hire for artists and creatives. The project materialised during Roberts’ artist's residency on-site, where he worked with Guest Artist Simon Wheeldon. The finished display was highly visible for passersby to enjoy from October to December 2022.

The installation consisted of a three-dimensional urban diorama placed against a digital screen backdrop. Made using woodwork and cardboard techniques, the tall building sculptures were painted with abstract patterns, including those reminiscent of traffic lights,  Rubik’s cubes and piano keys.

The installation celebrated Roberts’ love for Sydney's architecture and the human-like identities he attributes to each building in the cityscape. Through his graphic art style, the city structures become as alive as the people surrounding them.

The video aspect of the work starred Roberts on site as The Architect, equipped with a hardhat and rolls of city plans under his arm.  The video intermixed this footage with animated versions of his drawings. Amongst the colourful buildings,  his signature ‘Bert and Ernie’ characters also made an appearance on screen. To soundtrack his city, Roberts worked with Wheeldon to layer his voice for a ‘La Bamba’-inspired beat that accompanied the installation.

Words: Anna McKey

Photos: Christina Mishell, Brand X, Simon Wheeldon, Studio A

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