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Rainbow, Mermaid, Fireworks, Bondi Pavilion Gallery

Rainbow, Mermaid, Fireworks, Bondi Pavilion Gallery

Start 12:00pm Saturday, 01 April 2023

End 07:00pm Sunday, 14 May 2023


Bondi Pavilion Gallery

Queen Elizabeth Drive BONDI, NSW

Emily Crockford and Studio A Guest Artist Rosie Deacon created an exhibition that can only be described as part mermaid garden, part titanic shipwreck and part aquatic dance party.

Conceptualised and created over three years (2020-2022). The two artists met over weekly video chats and combined their creative vision for the deep sea. Emily’s colourful, dazzling designs and Rosie’s use of accessible materials in contemporary art concocted Rainbow, Mermaid, Fireworks.

The immersive exhibition took place at the Bondi Pavilion Gallery from April to May 2023 and imagined a new, magical universe under the sea filled with sparkly fish, smoking sharks and glittering mermaids. Emily drew and painted forms on fabric, then posted them to Rosie, who shaped, bedazzled and beaded them. The pair ultimately fashioned a display of over sixty sequinned, textile sea creatures along with a hand-painted mural, wallpaper created with contemporary photographer Tanja Bruckner, and music designed to evoke an undersea dance party.

The two artists opened the exhibition on April 4, dressed in shimmering pink and blue, floor-length mermaid gowns as they welcomed gallery goers and released their soft sculptures for sale.

The photograph reproduced on vinyl featuring Emily and Rosie was taken by Tanja Bruckner.

Words: Sam Kalis. Photos: Silversalt courtesy of Waverley Council.

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