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From Impulse to Action, Bundanon

From Impulse to Action, Bundanon
Exhibitions | Skye Saxon

Start 12:00pm Saturday, 29 January 2022

End 06:00pm Sunday, 12 June 2022


Bundanon Art Museum

170 Riversdale Road ILLAROO NSW

Skye Saxon featured in From impulse to action, the first exhibition of the newly expanded Bundanon homestead and museum. Located in the South Coast region of New South Wales, Bundanon was once the home of influential Australian artist Arthur Boyd. In late 2021, it underwent renovations to include an exhibition space and learning centre.

From impulse to action ran from the 29th of January to the 12th of June 2022. Themed around Authur Boyd’s experimental drawing practice, 12 contemporary artists were prompted to create new and diverse commissions which mirror the energy of his works.

Saxon's passion for storytelling and performance is channelled through the series of celestial drawings she contributed to the exhibition. The collection, Cosmic mirror doors through space and time, layers lines and shapes to depict portals to the galaxy. By mixing materials such as markers, pencils and ink, each drawing is an entrancing kaleidoscope of bright and metallic colour.

Saxon enjoys blending together different inspirations and narratives. Many of her works feature scribble-like patterns reminiscent of those that appear on Australian gum trees or Eucalyptus haemastoma. Saxon possesses a deep and magical connection to her “scribble gum writing”, it is an innate and natural process that flows harmoniously with her imagination.

Photos: Zan Wimberley. Words: Anna McKey

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