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2022 Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Award

2022 Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Award
Exhibitions | Catherine McGuiness Damian Showyin Victoria Atkinson

Start 12:00pm Friday, 07 October 2022

End 06:00pm Wednesday, 16 November 2022


Australian Design Centre

101-115 William Street DARLINGHURST, NSW

In 2022, three Studio A artists were included as finalists in the Australian Design Centre’s Seed Stitch Contemporary Textile Award (7 October - 16 November 2022). The Seed Stitch Award has celebrated and supported excellence across Australia’s diverse textile practice. Having presented for the third time since 2018, the 2022 Seed Stitch Award showcased fifteen finalists from across NSW and ACT with woven, stitched and sculpted pieces of textile work.

Catherine McGuiness, Victoria Atkinson and Damian Showyin were all selected as finalists from a pool of 48 entries. In a surprise announcement on the night, Damian was presented with the Digital Fabrics Award. The prize came with $500 to spend with master textile printers Digital Fabrics and the opportunity to experiment with translating his work to fine printed fabric. His piece, Building Grids, combined two of his favourite artistic approaches, weaving and painting.

Catherine McGuiness used embroidery and sequins on vintage brocade to create Little Little Little Little Monkeys, a glistening jungle portrait of two cheeky monkeys surrounded by lions, jungle greenery, and clear blue skies.

Victoria Atkinson’s Disco Fever & Rock ’n’ Roll consisted of a series of colourful soft sculptures and included vibrant people, a kangaroo, kookaburras, and a possum all rockin’ out to disco.

In addition to the Prize, opening night saw the launch of Sydney Craft Week and its catalogue which featured Guy Fredericks’ Earthen Seed on the cover, an intricate sculpture commissioned by the Australian Design Centre specifically for Craft Week. The artwork, made with recycled fabrics, explored Guy’s love for the planet and sustainability. In his words:

“[Earthen Seed] is a planetary atmospheric seed that harbours life…The solitary tree represents the many endangered tree species and deforestation. I have created two views of the seed. The close-up view shows a mini landscape with lush regrowth, and then there is an almost aerial view, showing our atmosphere and oceans as if we are looking back at our planet from space…I used recycled fabric for the green growth [it] represents Hope.

Words: Sam Kalis

Photos: Rhiannon Hopely

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