Catherine McGuiness’ painting style is bold and ballsy. She paints with a physical fervour that often sees her finish a day in the studio with as much paint on her face as she has on the canvas. Her paintings hold a memory of this impassioned energy, similar to the action paintings of De Kooning or Hoffman. 

Her large paintings and textile-based artworks take inspiration from Catherine’s immediate interests and fascinations. Her bird series feature huge, almost monstrous, bird portraits. One penguin grins ludicrously, staring directly at the viewer; a couple of parrots cuddle together with farcical, wide-eyed infatuation surrounded by hundreds of tiny love hearts. Catherine’s paintings are funny, but they are also brazen and courageous. They are extrovert in nature; the life of the party encouraging everyone to get on the dance floor.

Catherine is one of Studio A’s emerging artists. In 2018 she is working with mentor Paul Williams on a body of large paintings on canvas.