Studio A’s resident ruffian Adam Mandarano acts tough but weaves delicately. Adam is a prolific weaver with years of experience under his loom. Mentored by textile specialists Brook Morgan & Sue Byatt, Adam has developed an incredible skill.

Whilst he weaves with an artist’s sensibility, Adam has a passion for the practical and has crafted his woven work into an array of wearable art pieces. His portfolio includes collections of wrap & looped scarves and baby blankets.

In his woven works Adam sensitively collages textures and tones to create cohesive wearable works of art. He has produced series of hyper colour fluoro loops, and also a natural ochre inspired textile range. His scarves and loops are worn by men and women alike & possess the power to amplify the hip in any hipster and add a touch of class to any sophisticate.

Check out Adams work for yourself and you will be sure to find a piece that accentuates your style. Or commission Adam to produce a bespoke piece especially for you.