Marks in Motion: A collaboration between Jenette Scanes, Damian Showyin and Peter Dudding with Paul Williams for the Underbelly Arts Festival, National Art School - October 2017

Paul Williams teamed up with Petter Dudding Dudding, Jenette Scanes and Damian Showyin for this 2-week long residency and festival to share their passion for mark making. The four artists are lovers of paint, pastel and any tool with which they can scrawl a line. The act of making is core for each artist, the canvas is a space to capture immediacy, to track momentary gestures, acts and decisions.

Thom and Angelmouse, Rush Hour at Cloud Heaven, for The Big Anxiety Festival at Customs House, September - November 2017

Thom and Angelmouse’s Rush Hour at Cloud Heaven presents a railway infrastructure fantasy where Sydney trains are personified, taking on characteristics of the artist’s friends to explore Thom’s deep and at times conflicted affection for trains.

Rush Hour at Cloud Heaven observes Thom’s practice of nicknaming train stations, people and places to conform with his individual world view. Conceived by Thom, produced by Angelmouse, and constructed collaboratively, the work ultimately presents a conversation between the two collaborators as they forge a creative relationship and strive to understand each other’s different personal meaning systems.

birdfoxmonster, Carriageworks, September 2017

Bird seeks love. Fox plays dead. Monster becomes machine. 

birdfoxmonster was a multi-sensorial performance and dining experience created through a new collaboration between Studio A and Erth, presented by Carriageworks.

The production featured performances by Studio A artists, Meagan Pelham, Skye Saxon and Thom Roberts with direction by Erth Visual and Physical director, Scott Wright, sound design by James Brown, digital art by Elias Nohra and production and artist support by Gabrielle Mordy and Emma Johnston.

birdfoxmonster has evolved via a number of intensive residencies over the past two years at Carriageworks, Bundanon, and Mud Australia.

With food by Fresh Catering upon crockery made by Mud, featuring original artwork by Meagan, Skye and Thom, birdfoxmonster was both a visual and literal feast.

birdfoxmonster in the media:

My dinner with birdfoxmonster by Katerina Sakkas for Realtime.

Immersive performance Birdfoxmonster invites audience to table at Carriageworks, by Melanie Kembrey for Spectrum Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald.

birdfoxmonster by Ann Foo for ArtsHub.

birdfoxmonster featured on ABC iView's The Mix

Creatures of the Night by Elissa Blake for the Carriageworks blog.


video by Sam James

photographs by Zan Wimberley

Thom Roberts and Arunan Dharmalingam at Sydney Contemporary, Carriageworks, September 2017

Sydney Contemporary is Australasia's premier contemporary art fair, showcasing the region's largest and most diverse gathering of local and international galleries.

Studio A was included in the Future program, for emerging galleries and art-spaces. We showcased the work of established artist, Thom Roberts and of emerging artist, and recipient of the Studio A Professional Pathways award, Arunan Dharmalingam.

Thom Roberts also presented a new participatory performance artwork, Three Eyes Two Noses, where he drew caricature-type portraits of participants in his signature, offbeat style.

Good Neighbours, Curated by Daniel Mudie Cunningham and Miriam Kelly, Art Bank, Waterloo, June - October 2017

Reflecting on good old fashioned themes of community, family, friendship, and fun, Good Neighbours honours the important relationships occurring between Australian contemporary artists and their peers who identify as living with a disability.

Curated by Daniel Mudie Cunningham & Miriam Kelly

Artists: Liam Benson, Harriet Body, Matthew Calandra, David Capra, Emily Crockford, Rosie Deacon, John A Douglas, Peter Dudding, Laura Jones, Stefan Kater, Daniel Kojta, Nadia Lolas, Anthony Mannix, Meagan Pelham, Thom Roberts, Thom and Angelmouse, Greg Sindel, Wart, Digby Webster and Paul Williams.

Skye Saxon, The Snowflake Shaman's Winter Wonderland, Cementa Festival, Kandos, April 2017

Photography: Alex Wisser

Kandos’s wild woodland proved fertile inspiration for Saxon’s active dream life. Upon discovering Kandos’s mysterious woodland tucked behind the local scout hall Saxon was entranced. A winterland tepee revealed itself to the artist, providing a map for her Cementa17 work. In The Snowflake Shaman’s Winter Wonderland Saxon performed as a Snowflake Shaman offering guests the opportunity to transform their stress into snow within her winterland tipi structure. This project was supported by the Accessible Arts’ Delineate grant as a part of the Don’t DIS my ABILITY program.

Thom Roberts, The Positive and Negative of Thom Roberts' Workshop, Cementa Festival, Kandos, April 2017

Photography: Chi Chi Menendez

As an artist with a long-term love affair with the crowns of people’s heads, Thom Roberts expressed his fascination for crowns through a combination of performance art and installation at Kandos’s own Cuts Colours N Curls hairdressing salon. For those out of the loop, your crown is located on the top of your head, it is often spiral shaped and is a central point from which hair grows. For Roberts, crowns are a magical landscape in which he identifies an array of creatures. Cementa17 guests were invited to offer their crowns for Roberts to read and interpret. This project was supported by the Accessible Arts’ Delineate grant as a part of the Don’t DIS my ABILITY program.

The Props Collective, Phoenix Serenade at Cake Wines for Art Month, March 2017

Photography: James Ambrose

The Studio A Props Collective performed their Phoenix Serenade at the launch of Art Month 2017,  Art at Night: Chippendale | Redfern, at Cake Wines on Wednesday 1 March. 

Pheonix Serenade saw the Props Collective artists embody the spirit of the mythical phoenix. Wearing original, handmade headdresses the artists performed a shape-shifting journey through Cake Wines to pay homage to a central phoenix queen. 

Art Month Sydney is a city wide festival that celebrates contemporary art and artists through a rich and diverse program of exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions, artists studio visits, tours, precinct nights and more.