Greg Sindel and Lord Fabian at the Golden Age Cinema and Bar
November 2015

Photography: Emma Johnston

‘Lord Fabian’ is a modern day, vintage inspired, automaton storytelling robot and is Greg Sindel's most ambitious artwork to date.

A passionate and prolific graphic novelist, Greg teamed up with animatronic magician Aron Dosiak and comic artist extraordinaire Leigh Rigozzi to create this life-sized spooky automaton machine that showcases and reads aloud Sindel's latest selection of 'haunted gallery' animated tales.

Lord Fabian was launched at the Golden Age Cinema and Bar on 4 November at 6pm as part of a Halloween themed event that was hosted by Greg. Guests were invited to come dressed up in all their gory glory to watch a curated screening of horror films including Greg's chosen favourite and Vincent Price classic, 'Theatre of Blood'.

Greg draws huge inspiration from the likes of Price and the creation of Lord Fabian beautifully encapsulates Greg’s preference for the horrifically humorous . Greg's greater body of work includes graphic novels, comics and zines, printed works on paper, and fine-silver jewellery featuring monster inspired earrings, cufflinks and pendants. 

Find an article written by Alex Mann for TwoThousand about Greg's graphic novel hard-back here. 

The Tutti Frutti Dream Factory (Revisited) at BEAMS Arts Festival, Chippendale
September 2015

Photography: Gabrielle Mordy

The Tutti Frutti Dream Factory at Underbelly Arts Festival, Cockatoo Island August 2015

Photography: 1 Maja Baska • 2–3 Gabriel Clark • 4–7 Michael-K • 8 @photobytj_137

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The Tutti Frutti Dream Factory was an installation and performance at the 2015 Underbelly Arts Festival by Studio A's artisan prop-making collective, Emily Crockford, Skye Saxon, Phil Sidney, Tim Bell and Lisa Scott in collaboration with Sydney-based performance and installation artist, Rosie Deacon. Rosie was invited to Studio A as a guest artist and the work created during her stay at Studio A was inspired by her carefree, no holds barred approach to the process and pure enjoyment of 'making'. In response to Cockatoo Island, a historic island in Sydney Harbour upon which the festival was held, The Tutti Frutti Dream Factory was an exploration into a a random assortment of individual ideas from the six artists all based upon the theme of 'the island'. The immersive installation and performance combined everyday & recycled materials, such as cardboard, paper, foam and polystyrene cups to create an environment in which both the artists and audience could participate & lose themselves.