Studio A support material for Australia Council's Arts Projects grant

Additional Support

1. Studio A abridged CV

Studio A supports 15 artists with intellectual disability, all with varied careers and experience.

Notable exhibitions of Studio A artists’ work have been:

2017 – Underbelly Arts Festival, National Art School
2017– Sydney Contemporary, Carriageworks
2017 – birdfoxmonster, Carriageworks
2017 – The Big Anxiety, Art and Mental Health Festival
2017 – Cementa Festival, Kandos
2017 – Art Month launch
2017 – Emily Crockford, City of Sydney Site Works commission

2016 – Punk Kween: A Studio A Tit Takeover, The Bearded Tit
2016 – Studio A: Play, Sydney Childrens Hospital
2016 – birdfoxmonster (in development), Carriageworks
2016 – Studio A: Flying High, SCA Galleries
2016 – Peter Dudding ‘Pig Dog’ at Firstdraft Gallery, curated by Paul Williams
2016 – Studio A/Soto Smith/Spunky Bruiser, street-wear collaboration, Soto  Smith store

2015­ – Sydney Contemporary, Carriageworks
2015 ­– Underbelly Arts Festival, Cockatoo Island
2015 – BEAMS Festival, Chippendale

2014 – Studio A artist’s zine launch, Kinokunya Books
2014 – Screens, Queens and Coneheads, Koskela, Roseberry

2013 – Paper to Puppetry, GAFFA Gallery, Sydney

 Notable residencies workshops and partnerships have been:

2016 and 2017 – Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Bella Plus Connect Program
2016 and 2017 – Creative Partnership with MUD Australia
2016 and 2017 – In residence at Bundanon Artist Residency
2013 - 2017 – Creative partnership with Erth Visual and Physical Theatre Inc.
2013 – Creative partnership with Koskela
2011 – In residence at The Papermill
2011 – in residence at Cicada Press

2. One Another Bio (support for the Drawn Sewn Seen Project):

One Another is an ethical lifestyle brand that partners with talented women living in developing countries to create unique handmade products that are not only designed to look good but ‘designed for good’.

We are helping empower these women to rise above poverty by providing safe, stable employment with fair pay.

Our products combine traditional artisan skills with modern design and each is hand-signed by the woman who made it. 

The seed for One Another was planted after Rick and Annette Carter saw the harsh realities of poverty in India, where they had been photographing and documenting the work of not-for-profit organisation Opportunity International.

India is an intense and overwhelming place. But it was here in small rural villages and urban slums that they met amazing women using their traditional artisan skills to work their way out of poverty.

With their backgrounds in design and fashion, Rick and Annette also had a strong understanding of the retail market and knew that like them, consumers were increasingly wanting to know more about where things are made and to purchase products that are unique and have a story to tell.

In 2013, they launched their ethical lifestyle brand One Another to help empower women living in developing countries through the creation of unique handmade products that are not only designed to look good but ‘designed for good’.

They work with collectives in India, South Africa, Nepal and Honduras. Combined this provides safe, stable employment with fair pay to over 60 artisans, helping empower them to rise above poverty and dream new dreams for themselves and their families.

One Another’s core product is hand-loomed, hand-woven and hand-embroidered cushions but also includes throws, bowls, bags, ceramics and organic tea. 

The products all have a modern classic aesthetic that focuses on texture and embraces the unique qualities of producing everything by hand. It celebrates yet modernises their artisans’ traditional skills.

One Another is part of a global fair trade movement responding to the failures of conventional trade and is encouraging consumers to use their purchasing power to demand a better deal for the world’s most marginalised producers.

When you buy something from One Another, you’re not just buying a cushion or a throw because behind every product is a person.

3. Rosie Deacon Bio (support for the Koala Fireworks Project):

download (1).jpeg

Rosie Deacon (b. 1985) is a Sydney-based artist working in sculpture and installation. She engages with the spectacle of obsession and realms of the absurd. In 2010, Deacon graduated from UNSW COFA with first class honours and was the recipient of both the Gallery Barry Keldoulis Grant for Emerging Artists and the Dinosaur Designs Prize. She has held solo exhibitions at The Egg & Dart, The Cube Mosman Art Gallery, Firstdraft, Gaffa Gallery, 107 Projects, Redfern and been included in group shows across Sydney, Newcastle, Townsville and Sheffield, UK.

In 2014, Deacon was selected as the inaugural Runway Annual Artist Commission. In 2015, Deacon was invited as the Guest Artist for Studio A's project for Underbelly Arts Festival on Cockatoo Island. Deacon exhibited at abandoned theme park 'Adventureland' for Campbelltown Arts Centre's Winter Wonderland, and was included in Performance Contemporary for Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Carriageworks. In 2016, Deacon curated 'Koala Nutbush' ART BAR, at the Museum of Contemporary Arts, and was awarded Viewers Choice in the Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize at the National Art School, Darlinghurst.

4. Emily Crockford Bio (support for the Koala Fireworks Project):


Whether creating cushioned royal characters from plush, embellished fabric, or painting familiar scenes of still life, Emily Crockford’s artworks balance a series of seeming opposites. Blocks of strong colour sit alongside areas of intricate pattern. An energy of lyrical movement exists simultaneously with a sense of contemplation. Emily’s ‘Queen of Hearts’ stares out poignantly whilst seeming in mid flight. 

Emily loves to engage with other artists; sharing skills and adventuring to new art studios. In 2013 Emily worked at UNSW Art & Design as a guest artist in Cicada Press, and in 2014 undertook a residency at Koskela. In 2015 Emily was an exhibiting artist in the Underbelly Arts Festival on Cockatoo Island, Sydney in collaboration with artist, Rosie Deacon. In 2016/17 Emily’s artwork ‘Sydney Opera House at Night’ was selected by the City of Sydney to appear on a large hoarding in the centre of the city as part of the Creative Cities project.

Emily explains ‘I like painting on fabrics and working with guest artists. I like my own techniques, playing and experimenting with different ideas. I want to be a great artist, and experiment.’

Work by Emily is held in various collections including Artbank.

5. Adam Mandarano Bio (Support for Woven Walls project):


Studio A’s resident ruffian Adam Mandarano acts tough but weaves delicately. Adam is a prolific weaver with years of experience under his loom. Mentored by textile specialists Brook Morgan & Sue Byatt, Adam has developed an incredible skill.

Whilst he weaves with an artist’s sensibility, Adam has a passion for the practical and has crafted his woven work into an array of wearable art pieces. His portfolio includes collections of wrap & looped scarves and baby blankets.

In his woven works Adam sensitively collages textures and tones to create cohesive wearable works of art. He has produced series of hyper colour fluoro loops, and also a natural ochre inspired textile range. His scarves and loops are worn by men and women alike & possess the power to amplify the hip in any hipster and add a touch of class to any sophisticate.

6. Damian Showyin Bio and CV (Support for Woven Walls project):


Looking at Damian Showyin's abstracts is like experiencing a new language, font, or script. His marks and patterns dance across the surface like text that intends to convey meaning.

 There is an easy confidence in Damian's mark making and his scribbles are rich with a humorous personality. While these patterns resist clear communication, they speak intelligibly through code and reference; they express themselves through their energy.  Some images suggest a sunset, others a sun shower, whilst the occasional work pulsates with the electricity of a late night out. All of Damian's paintings sing with lyrical harmony.

When not painting, Damian works laboriously on the loom.  A proficient weaver, he works in the same way he does on canvas, by blending colours and patterns to compose compelling textile wall pieces, sculptures and cushions. 

In 2017 Damian is an exhibiting artist at the Underbelly Arts Festival for the project, Marks in Motion, a collaboration between fellow Studio A artists Jenette Scanes and Peter Dudding in collaboration with artist, Paul Williams. In 2016 Damian undertook a residency and collaboration with street-wear designers, Soto Smith and Spunky Bruiser.

7. Aesha Henderson Bio (Support for Woven Walls project):


Aesha Henderson is an Australian interdisciplinary artist working across sculpture, installation, performance, theatre design, collaborative works, childrens workshops, curatorial roles and community arts.

From traditional sculpture to rollicking short theatre experiences her work incorporates play, humour, beauty, darkness and the surreal to shift and investigate the realities of what we are and what we may become.

Aesha's creative arts, performance and design work have been presented at exhibitions, festivals and in venues nationally and internationally including Sydney Festival, Fringe World, Underbelly Arts, The Rocks Village Bizarre, Tropfest, ALASKA Projects, Penrith Regional Gallery, Hornsby Art Prize, Art & About, Peats Ridge, Vivid, Australian Museum, Bleach, Auckland Museum, Art Is…Festival, Adelaide Festival and extensive UK, USA and national tours.