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Past Exhibitions:

Marks in Motion: A collaboration between Jenette Scanes, Damian Showyin and Peter Dudding with Paul Williams for the Underbelly Arts Festival, National Art School - October 2017


Thom and Angelmouse, Rush Hour at Cloud Heaven, for The Big Anxiety Festival at Customs House, September - November 2017

birdfoxmonster, Carriageworks, September 2017

Bird seeks love. Fox plays dead. Monster becomes machine. 

birdfoxmonster was a multi-sensorial performance and dining experience created through a new collaboration between Studio A and Erth, presented by Carriageworks.

The production featured performances by Studio A artists, Meagan Pelham, Skye Saxon and Thom Roberts with direction by Erth Visual and Physical director, Scott Wright, sound design by James Brown, digital art by Elias Nohra and production and artist support by Gabrielle Mordy and Emma Johnston.

birdfoxmonster has evolved via a number of intensive residencies over the past two years at Carriageworks, Bundanon, and Mud Australia.

With food by Fresh Catering upon crockery made by Mud, featuring original artwork by Meagan, Skye and Thom, birdfoxmonster was both a visual and literal feast.

birdfoxmonster in the media:

My dinner with birdfoxmonster by Katerina Sakkas for Realtime.

Immersive performance Birdfoxmonster invites audience to table at Carriageworks, by Melanie Kembrey for Spectrum Magazine, The Sydney Morning Herald.

birdfoxmonster by Ann Foo for ArtsHub.

birdfoxmonster featured on ABC iView's The Mix

Creatures of the Night by Elissa Blake for the Carriageworks blog.


photographs by Zan Wimberley

Thom Roberts and Arunan Dharmalingam at Sydney Contemporary, Carriageworks, September 2017

Sydney Contemporary is Australasia's premier contemporary art fair, showcasing the region's largest and most diverse gathering of local and international galleries.

Studio A was included in the Future program, for emerging galleries and art-spaces. We showcased the work of established artist, Thom Roberts and of emerging artist, and recipient of the Studio A Professional Pathways award, Arunan Dharmalingam.

Thom Roberts also presented a new participatory performance artwork, Three Eyes Two Noses, where he drew caricature-type portraits of participants in his signature, offbeat style.

Skye Saxon, The Snowflake Shaman's Winter Wonderland, Cementa Festival, Kandos, April 2017

Photography: Alex Wisser

Kandos’s wild woodland proved fertile inspiration for Saxon’s active dream life. Upon discovering Kandos’s mysterious woodland tucked behind the local scout hall Saxon was entranced. A winterland tepee revealed itself to the artist, providing a map for her Cementa17 work. In The Snowflake Shaman’s Winter Wonderland Saxon performed as a Snowflake Shaman offering guests the opportunity to transform their stress into snow within her winterland tipi structure. This project was supported by the Accessible Arts’ Delineate grant as a part of the Don’t DIS my ABILITY program.

Thom Roberts, The Positive and Negative of Thom Roberts' Workshop, Cementa Festival, Kandos, April 2017

Photography: Chi Chi Menendez

As an artist with a long-term love affair with the crowns of people’s heads, Thom Roberts expressed his fascination for crowns through a combination of performance art and installation at Kandos’s own Cuts Colours N Curls hairdressing salon. For those out of the loop, your crown is located on the top of your head, it is often spiral shaped and is a central point from which hair grows. For Roberts, crowns are a magical landscape in which he identifies an array of creatures. Cementa17 guests were invited to offer their crowns for Roberts to read and interpret. This project was supported by the Accessible Arts’ Delineate grant as a part of the Don’t DIS my ABILITY program.

The Props Collective, Phoenix Serenade at Cake Wines for Art Month, March 2017

Photography: James Ambrose

The Studio A Props Collective performed their Phoenix Serenade at the launch of Art Month 2017,  Art at Night: Chippendale | Redfern, at Cake Wines on Wednesday 1 March. 

Pheonix Serenade saw the Props Collective artists embody the spirit of the mythical phoenix. Wearing original, handmade headdresses the artists performed a shape-shifting journey through Cake Wines to pay homage to a central phoenix queen. 

Art Month Sydney is a city wide festival that celebrates contemporary art and artists through a rich and diverse program of exhibitions, workshops, panel discussions, artists studio visits, tours, precinct nights and more.

Punk Kween: A Studio A Tit Takeover, The Bearded Tit, December 2016 - January 2017

Photography: Harriet Body

Punk Kween: A Studio A Tit Takeover was an exhibition of Studio A supported artists at The Bearded Tit, a bar and exhibition/performance space in Redfern, Sydney. The exhibition included a window display showcasing work by Emily Crockford and the Props Collective, A collection of wearables and zines for sale as well as graffiti paste-ups in the outside alley way and a collection of designed beer-coasters by Greg Sindel, as well as a number of 2D artworks by Mathew Calandra and Sarah Martin and a video reel by the Bird Fox Monster collective.

Bird Fox Monster, Skye Saxon, Meagan Pelham and Thom Roberts with Scott Wright, James Brown and Elias Nohra, artist support by Gabrielle Mordy and Emma Johnston, Carriageworks.
September 2016

video and editing by Sam James

Bird Fox Monster, 2016 was a collaboration between Studio A represented artists, Meagan Pelham, Thom Roberts, and Skye Saxon with Erth Visual and Physical director, Scott Wright, sound artist, James Brown and digital artist, Elias Nohra, artist support by Gabrielle Mordy and Emma Johnston.

Commissioned  by Carriageworks for the New Normal National Arts and Disability Strategy, the first stage of Bird Fox Monster was revealed during an intimate, invitation only, multi-sensory dining experience that included performance, video projection and installation, at Carriageworks on 2 September 2016.

Bird Fox Monster has evolved via a number of intensive residencies at Carriageworks, Bundanon Artist Residency and Mud Australia. The 2016 showcase will inform a larger, ticketed production in 2017.

Studio A / Soto Smith / Spunky Bruiser, Soto Smith Shop, July 2016

Studio A supported artists, Emily Crockford, Damian Showyin, Declan O'Connor, Rachelle Rodriguez and Jeanette Scanes collaborated with street-label design makers, Soto Smith and Spunky Bruiser by contributing new textile-based artworks that appeared on selected garments. The designers say: "The Studio A artist's artwork have been the anchor point and drive in Spunky Bruiser and Soto Smith label makers' design process - to honor the artists original vision in the artworks and develop the pieces into something completely new and wearable."

The collaboration resulted in one-of-a-kind, hand-made bomber jackets and limited edition garments featuring digitally printed designs on fabric inspired by Studio A artists' paintings.

Thom and Angelmouse, Tower Up for Wonder: Contemporary Art for Children, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery
July - August 2016

Photography: Silversalt

Wonder transformed Hazelhurst Regional Gallery into a playground with immersive installations and participatory artworks for children created by seven artists, including Studio A supported collaboration, Thom and Angelmouse.

Born from long conversations and fictional story-telling sessions, Thom and Angelmouse have constructed their personified city fantasy - where friends have become high-rising towers that talk to each other and rival for status of 'tallest tower on earth.' The installation, titled Tower Up, includes video projection, sculpture and large, 2D wall-based work.

Tower Up was created over a two-month residency at Hazelhurst were the duo also worked with members of local disability organisation, Sylvanvale.

Thom and Angelmouse is the collaborative practice of Studio A supported artist, Robert 'Thom' Smith and artist Harriet Body. 

Studio A: Flying High at SCA Galleries
March - April 2016

Photography: Ian Hobbs

Studio A: Flying High saw bird inspired artworks by selected Studio A artists, exhibited at the SCA Galleries as a part of Art Month. Curated by Studio A artistic director, Gabrielle Mordy and Principal artist, Emma Johnston, the exhibition includes both individual and collaborative artworks exhibited together in one large, immersive, avian-themed installation. Ultimately, Studio A: Flying High is a showcase of Studio A represented artists and is a tribute to their recent and continuing successes in the Australian art community. 

Peter Dudding, Pig Dog at Firstdraft, curated by Paul Williams
March 2016

Photography: Zan Wimberley

Peter is a painter, drawer & master mark maker and ceramicist who has been making art weekly for over a decade. During this time the artist has produced a vast body of work; work that has largely never been exhibited.

Recently, Peter joined the Studio A collective, a supported studio providing professional development to artists with intellectual disability. Despite his proficiency with the style, Peter had never before worked with another abstract expressionist. So, through Studio A, Peter connected with established abstract artist Paul Williams. The intent was for Paul to ‘mentor’ Peter. However, it soon became apparent that rather than any teacher/student relationship, this was instead to be an equal exchange between two artists sharing ideas, jokes and the pure enjoyment of mark making.

Pig Dog offers an important opportunity for Peter’s work to be seen. The size of Peter’s portfolio is immense, almost overwhelming. Paul William’s curatorship provides audiences with an informed introduction to Peter’s work, a means of navigating this artist’s incredible oeuvre. Paul’s role further speaks of the specific assistance Peter requires. That is, Peter does not so much require mentorship in the production of artwork, rather he requires assistance in letting his work be seen and taken seriously be contemporary art audiences.

Greg Sindel and Lord Fabian at the Golden Age Cinema and Bar
November 2015

Photography: Emma Johnston

‘Lord Fabian’ is a modern day, vintage inspired, automaton storytelling robot and is Greg Sindel's most ambitious artwork to date.

A passionate and prolific graphic novelist, Greg teamed up with animatronic magician Aron Dosiak and comic artist extraordinaire Leigh Rigozzi to create this life-sized spooky automaton machine that showcases and reads aloud Sindel's latest selection of 'haunted gallery' animated tales.

Lord Fabian was launched at the Golden Age Cinema and Bar on 4 November at 6pm as part of a Halloween themed event that was hosted by Greg. Guests were invited to come dressed up in all their gory glory to watch a curated screening of horror films including Greg's chosen favourite and Vincent Price classic, 'Theatre of Blood'.

Greg draws huge inspiration from the likes of Price and the creation of Lord Fabian beautifully encapsulates Greg’s preference for the horrifically humorous . Greg's greater body of work includes graphic novels, comics and zines, printed works on paper, and fine-silver jewellery featuring monster inspired earrings, cufflinks and pendants. 

Find an article written by Alex Mann for TwoThousand about Greg's graphic novel hard-back here. 

The Tutti Frutti Dream Factory (Revisited) at BEAMS Arts Festival, Chippendale
September 2015

Photography: Gabrielle Mordy

The Tutti Frutti Dream Factory at Underbelly Arts Festival, Cockatoo Island August 2015

Photography: 1 Maja Baska • 2–3 Gabriel Clark • 4–7 Michael-K • 8 @photobytj_137

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The Tutti Frutti Dream Factory was an installation and performance at the 2015 Underbelly Arts Festival by Studio A's artisan prop-making collective, Emily Crockford, Skye Saxon, Phil Sidney, Tim Bell and Lisa Scott in collaboration with Sydney-based performance and installation artist, Rosie Deacon. Rosie was invited to Studio A as a guest artist and the work created during her stay at Studio A was inspired by her carefree, no holds barred approach to the process and pure enjoyment of 'making'. In response to Cockatoo Island, a historic island in Sydney Harbour upon which the festival was held, The Tutti Frutti Dream Factory was an exploration into a a random assortment of individual ideas from the six artists all based upon the theme of 'the island'. The immersive installation and performance combined everyday & recycled materials, such as cardboard, paper, foam and polystyrene cups to create an environment in which both the artists and audience could participate & lose themselves.