Great art should be seen.

Studio A tackles the barriers that artists living with intellectual disability face in accessing conventional education, professional development pathways and other opportunities needed to be successful and renowned visual artists.

We now offer a comprehensive Corporate Engagement Program to foster and build creativity in the workplace, all while offering engaged employment opportunities to artists with intellectual disability.


Sales and Leasing

Art leasing services include selection, delivery and hanging. Studio A has a range of artworks available on short or long term lease.

Images: Artwork by Nadia Lolas, Annette Galstaun, Thom Roberts, and Arunan Dharmalingam


License artwork to brighten up company newsletters and documents, or to print onto gifts such as notebooks, tote-bags or company-branded stationary.

-Westpac Group document featuring artwork by Thom Roberts.
- Blank notebooks featuring artwork by Thom Roberts Emily Crockford and Lisa Scott.
- NSW Government document featuring artwork by Yvonne Stocker. 

- Tote bag featuring artwork by Thom Roberts

Event Decoration

Bespoke decorative sculptures can be provided for corporate events.

- Table decorations for an event held at the Museum of Contemporary Art
- A series of child-sized Christmas elves created for a corporate Christmas party
- A large light sculpture and decorations created for an event held at Cake Wines. 

- Two employees of a corporate company wear animal-inspired party hats created by the Props Collective for their Christmas party held at Taronga Zoo.



Reinvigorate your foyer or floor space with an art exhibition. Includes opportunities for artist talks.

Image: Studio A Flying High, an exhibition of bird-inspired artworks by Studio A artists held in Sydney College for the Arts foyer.

Art Workshops

Studio A can deliver creative workshops to help with your innovation and team building objectives. This can be done onsite or at our studio.

Images: Employees of Liberty International Underwriters enjoying a team-building workshop lead by Studio A artist.



Our talented portrait artists can be commissioned to paint portraits of key business executives within your organisation or any other desired image.

- Commissioned Artist, Daniel Kim presents the  honourable John Ajaka, president of the NSW Legislative Council, with his portrait.
- Commissioned painting of The Sydney Harbour Bridge for AMP Head Office, painted by Daniel Kim.


Studio A offers numerous corporate volunteering opportunities including but not limited to:

1. Social enterprise support (advisory, legal, accounting, marketing etc)

2. Events and exhibition support

3. Marketing campaign support

4. Art workshops/collaborations (where staff have specific art skills)

- Mathew Calandra talks about his artwork to a gallery visitor.
- Studio A artists learn new skills at a volunteer­-run workshop.

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